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ElectroDB is a DynamoDB library to ease the use of having multiple entities and complex hierarchical relationships in a single DynamoDB table. ElectroDB is the only truely Single-Table Design oriented TypeScript library for DynamoDB.

Create complex DynamoDB parameters with a simple and easy to read syntax!

const { data } = await tasks
    team: "core",
    task: "45-662",
    project: "backend"
  .set({ status: "open" })
  .add({ points: 5 })
    comments: [{
      user: "janet",
      body: "This seems half-baked."
  .where(({ status }, { eq }) => eq(status, "in-progress"))
    "UpdateExpression": "SET #status = :status_u0, #points = #points + :points_u0, #comments = list_append(#comments, :comments_u0), #updatedAt = :updatedAt_u0, #gsi1sk = :gsi1sk_u0",
    "ExpressionAttributeNames": {
        "#status": "status",
        "#points": "points",
        "#comments": "comments",
        "#updatedAt": "updatedAt",
        "#gsi1sk": "gsi1sk"
    "ExpressionAttributeValues": {
        ":status0": "in-progress",
        ":status_u0": "open",
        ":points_u0": 5,
        ":comments_u0": [
                "user": "janet",
                "body": "This seems half-baked."
        ":updatedAt_u0": 1630977029015,
        ":gsi1sk_u0": "$assignments#tasks_1#status_open"
    "TableName": "your_table_name",
    "Key": {
        "pk": "$taskapp#team_core",
        "sk": "$tasks_1#project_backend#task_45-662"
    "ConditionExpression": "attribute_exists(pk) AND attribute_exists(sk) AND #status = :status0"

Try it out!